US Aviation installs stainless steel fuel tanks

US Aviation at Denton Municipal Airport (DTO) in Texas has become the first FBO in the USA to select fuel storage tanks with stainless steel liners instead of the traditional epoxy-coated tanks. The use of stainless liners is new to the fuel storage industry, coming with a longer warranty, assuring a safer, unpolluted product, while reducing environmental impact, according to FBO officials.


“We chose the new technology in tanking for three reasons,” said Jeff Soules, Sr. VP and general manager. “First, we don’t have to worry about the initial startup of the tank or any problems resulting from the epoxy coating, like chips, flaking or biological disintegration. Second, we will not be required to make periodic checks to assure the integrity of the epoxy over time, which has a tendency to break down. Third, we will never face the down time and expense of draining the tanks every 10 to 15 years so they can be cleaned out and recovered with a new epoxy lining.”

Tanks with an epoxy lining come with a 10-year warranty and five year check-up programs. Stainless linings do not require periodic checks and come with a 30-year warranty, said Soules, who remarked that the stainless-lined tanks are now available for the same cost as a new tank with an epoxy finish.

“We anticipate that all FBO fueling operations will be converting to stainless as their older tanks require replacement or as new fuel farms are set up,” he said.

For more information: or 866-383-2400.

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