Patrol joins Bearhawk kit line up


AviPro Aircraft, Ltd. has begun kit production of a two-place, tandem utility aircraft as an addition to its Bearhawk (four-place) Quick-Build kit.

The “Bearhawk Patrol” is a high-wing aircraft that can accept engines from 115 hp to 210 hp. The prototype is powered by an O-360 Lycoming 180-hp engine swinging a fixed pitch aluminum propeller. It has a fabric-covered steel tube fuselage and all aluminum, flush riveted wing, which features a Riblett 30-413.5 airfoil and available 40° flap setting.

The Patrol, just as the four-place Bearhawk before it, is a recent, original design of Robert Barrows of Fincastle, Virginia. Both aircraft are designed to the equivalency of “Utility Category” standards for increased structural strength and enhanced capability for unimproved airstrips, according to company officials. The 180-hp Patrol has a cruise speed (60% power) of 140 mph, a takeoff roll of 250 feet and a landing speed of 35 mph. The wing span is 33 feet. Cabin width is 32 inches. The two-place prototype can have a 1,050 pound useful load (depending on the builder’s equipment selections), if built to “Utility Category” equivalency as designed.

“The Bearhawk Patrol is everything that made the Super Cub famous and has significantly greater speed, climb rate and endurance,” said Keith Vasey, vice president of sales for AviPro.

AviPro aircraft, based in Austin, Texas, is the manufacturer for Bearhawk Aircraft quick-build kits and parts under exclusive, independent license from Barrows. AviPro’s factory began producing complete Bearhawk kits in 2000.

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