EPA reduces cellulosic ethanol quotas, but not overall quotas

The EPA has finally announced the 2010 RFS standard, albeit several months late.

While there is no change in the ethanol mandate increase — the gasoline industry must blend more than 12 billion gallons of ethanol in 2010, up from 10.5 billion gallons in 2009 — the real surprise is that the EPA is not going to hold the emerging cellulosic ethanol industry to its production quota of a measly 100 million gallons. It will only have to contribute 6.5 million gallons of ethanol.

To understand the ramifications of this change read about it at StopEthanol.wordpress.com

The GAfuels Blog is written by three private pilots concerned about the future availability of fuels for piston-engine aircraft. They are:

  • Dean Billing (Sisters, Ore.) – an expert on autogas and ethanol
  • Kent Misegades (Cary, N.C.) – an aerospace engineer and aviation journalist
  • Todd Petersen (Minden, Neb.) – former aerial applicator and owner of more than 150 Mogas STCs for aircraft

For a list of airports that have ethanol-free fuel and those no longer pumping it, compiled by the authors, follow this link.

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