DAC co-founder retires

Terry Armstrong, the COO and co-founder of DAC International, has announced his retirement from the company, which sells avionics and test equipment for corporate and general aviation, the airlines, and the military.

Armstrong and Michael Crouch founded DAC International in 1981 in Austin, Texas. Armstrong served as COO through his tenure and was also responsible for corporate and general aviation sales and product development worldwide. He will continue in an advisory capacity for Corporate Aviation products.

“After more than 39 years of full time service in aviation, it’s time for me to move to a new chapter in my life,” Armstrong said. “I’m looking forward to continue working as an advisor with my friends at DAC and a greater emphasis on community and leisure activities” he added.

Crouch will continue in his leadership role as president of DAC International.  The senior management team now includes Francisco Hernandez, VP of sales for all product lines, Rick Horn, VP engineering & manufacturing, and Lisa Finley, VP of finance.

For more information: 316-729-0610 or DACInt.com

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