Flight Design debuts CTLS Lite

Hearing concerns over increasing prices and decreasing payloads in Light Sport Aircraft, Flight Design has created the new CTLS Lite, which lowers the price and substantially raises payload.

CTLite“We hear about more and more interest for a lighter airplane, but one that costs less and carries more,” explained Flight Design CEO Matthias Betsch. “Now, based on the European CTLS Light, we offer the new CTLS Lite for the U.S. market.”

“We are coping with the economic downturn better than many,” Tom Peghiny, president of Flight Design USA stated, “but we know the market is yearning for some lower cost options. We have the modestly-priced, all-metal MC, but that is aimed at fans of metal aircraft and the flight school market, whereas the personal aircraft market is well served with a high performance aircraft like the CTLS. Now our all-carbon-fiber CTLS Lite brings top performance and a greater payload, and it does this while dropping the cost more than $20,000. The new model can be ordered right away.”

Flight Design indicated that the price drop is gained by using American-sourced avionics, giving pilots all the information they need while decreasing weight, and limiting options to reduce manufacturing costs.

“The CTLS Lite comes with a Dynon D60 multi-function display, Garmin radio and transponder, analog engine instruments, plus a BRS airframe parachute system,” clarified John Gilmore, national sales manager for Flight Design USA. “A single 7-inch Dynon screen paired to the Garmin 496 GPS gives plenty of data to pilots. With a strategic lightening of the airframe in non-structural areas and slimming the equipment list, Flight Design has taken off more than 50 pounds of weight, translating to greater payload (occupants, baggage, and fuel).”

A limited option set — including the Garmin 696, a night flying package, and leather seats, along with a few other choices — will be offered for the CTLS Lite, company officials note.

For more information: FlightDesign.com or FlightDesignUSA.com.

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