Nurturing the next generation


When Laura Rusnok (above) took over the lead position of the Student Aviation Association on the campus of the University of North Texas, she began making plans that went beyond available resources. She contacted the US Flight Academy, part of US Aviation, to explore the possibility of some kind of sponsorship. Encountering a response that she described as “enthusiastic,” Rusnok was able to map out an aggressive program of field trips for her peers.

UNT students try out the sims at FlightSafety

UNT students try out the sims at FlightSafety

The most recent activity brought a group of UNT students to the headquarters of Flight Safety International in Dallas, where they were given a tour, engaged in discussion and took turns flying a number of simulators. “It was a great evening,” said Rusnok. “Fortunately, US Flight Academy provided us with a van and driver to make the trip. They have been wonderful assisting us with aviation-related experiences outside of Denton. These trips helped draw more students into the new aviation program at UNT.”

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