Sierra Hotel Aero launches repair services program

Sierra Hotel Aero (SHA) has initiated a new aviation repair services program designed to reduce insurance company expenses associated with the cost of repairing aircraft skins, structural damages and other repairs.

SHA, which has 25 years of structural experience repairing metallic and advanced composite aircraft assemblies for single and multi-engine aircraft, holds a variety of STCs and PMAs for Cessna and Navion aircraft. According to officials with the company, which is based at Fleming Field Airport (SGS)  in South St. Paul, Minn., the program is designed to reduce aircraft out-of-service repair time, increase aircraft owner and insurance customer satisfaction and reduce aircraft repair costs.

Benefits include:

  • Turn-Key Service: The ability to perform all or nearly all repair work at a single location. SHA has local partnering agreements in place to address paint, avionics, interiors, engine and propeller damage repair. Since service work can be performed in one location, additional airport repair station transportation expenses are eliminated.
  • Internal Manufacturing Capabilities: SHA performs complete sheet metal fabrication and installation. It also performs design and fabrication as required for any unique or specialized applications with its in-house machine shop equipment.
  • Major Repair Approvals: SHA officials note they have direct access to structural and electrical DER’s, which speeds up the major repair approval process.
  • Aircraft Shoring: In most cases shoring aircraft for repairs is accomplished without major disassembly. This saves money and downtime while ensuring aircraft symmetry and lofting.
  • Logistics: SHA ascertains FAA-approved ferry permits, prepares damaged aircraft for transportation and delivers aircraft for repairs.
  • Completed Repairs: SHA performs test flight services prior to release. It also provides CADD drawings to detail and permanently document major repairs.
  • Partner Alliance: The SHA Committed Partner Program (CPP) for insurance companies provides preferred pricing and financial incentives based on repair type and frequencies.

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