First flight of Stinson Model O replica


The first flight of a full-scale replica of a 1933 Stinson Model O, or Senior Trainer, was made Wednesday, March 24, at the Scappoose Airport (SPB), just outside of Portland Ore. The plane is the result of 28 months of work by the craftsman of Evergreen Aviation Services and Restoration, a part of Overall Aircraft Services, LLC located at the airport.

The takeoff was just after 10 a.m. by Jeff Paulson, co-owner of Evergreen Aviation Services, and the uneventful flight lasted about 45 minutes. Check it out on YouTube.

There were only 10 Model Os originally made in 1933 and 1934; five were sold to Honduras, three went to China, and one to Brazil. The prototype stayed in the U.S. and ended up as an instrument trainer in Long Beach, California. It then was moved to Love Field in Texas when World War II started. It went off the FAA (CAA) registry in 1945. The original aircraft was issued Type Certificate ATC 520. The Model “O” was originally designed by Robert Hall (of GeeBee fame) as a military trainer and was configured for aerial machine gunning and bombing. It is a two-place open cockpit parasol that is flown from the front seat and is the only open cockpit aircraft ever produced by Stinson.

The replica, which was commissioned by Brad Poling and Jim Teel of Sacramento, California, was built in the civilian configuration. This O, as was the prototype, was built using modified wings, tail, and landing gear taken from an “SR” series Reliant. The fuselage and center section were replicated by Evergreen from 20 photographs, as no drawing could be located. Like the original, this replica is also powered by a Lycoming R680 power plant and it swings a Hamilton Standard constant speed propeller. Staying true to the original aircraft, all fairings were hand formed from aluminum. No fiberglass was used in the construction. The wing span of the Model O is just under 40 feet, it stands 8 feet tall and is about 4 feet longer than a Stearman.

Evergreen Aviation Services will be holding an open house at noon on April 17 for the official unveiling of this one-of-a-kind airplane. For more information: 503-543-6330 or


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