Sporty’s launches E6B App

The latest version of Sporty’s Electronic E6B is now available for Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The app includes all the features of the traditional E6B, including 23 aviation functions, 14 conversions and timer.

Each function can be selected from a plain English list, and the app prompts the user for required information. Plus, entries are saved from previous calculations, so there’s no need to re-enter data, Sporty’s officials said, who note that calculating weight and balance is especially easy, with a dedicated page for adding new passengers, fuel or baggage.

“The only thing you can’t do is use your iPhone E6B for FAA tests, since someone might think you are texting your flight instructor,” said Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman. “Bring your regular Sporty’s electronic E6B for the test.”

Sporty’s E6B app makes quick work of navigational, weight and balance, or fuel problems, and is a favorite of student pilots. But it also includes a number of features that are useful for experienced pilots, like Top of Descent, Specific Range and Required Rate of Climb.

The timer can be set to count up or count down, so it is perfect for timing approaches, holds or for switching fuel tanks. There is also a clock function that shows Home, Local and Zulu time.

Sporty’s E6B app is available for $4.99 at Sporty’s traditional Electronic E6B Flight Computer is available in pocket size for $69.95 and in a flat version that fits in Jeppesen, FAA and three-ring binders for $79.95. For more information: or 800-SPORTYS.

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