Coalition asks for avgas extension

Leaders from the general aviation and petroleum industries recently formed a coalition to work together and develop a process to reduce lead emissions from GA aircraft, balancing environmental benefit with aviation safety, technical feasibility, and impact upon the GA industry, according to a report at

The story notes that the group wants to ensure that a stable aviation fuel supply exists in the near term while a long-term solution is identified, certified, and implemented. At this stage, all potential solutions, including lower octane fuels, higher octane candidates, and chemical or bio additives, remain possible options. The group’s first action was requesting a 120-day extension to an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advance notice of proposed rulemaking. The story, which you can read in full here, notes:

“The extension will allow time to gather and evaluate data from the Coordinating Research Council on an ultra-low-lead fuel as a possible near-term interim solution, and to provide aircraft and engine manufacturers time to further assess the technical, economic, safety, and performance impacts associated with the possibility of moving to an unleaded fuel in the long term.”


  1. Scott Heppler says

    Why did these industries let 80/87 fade away? It had 1/4 the lead content of 100LL and could have powered 70% of the fleet.

    Why did Cessna power with Skycatcher will a high compression (8.5:1) O-200 that is only certified for 100LL? The older O-200D with 7:1 compression ran happily on 80/87 and mogas. The EPA has been telling these industries for at least 15 years that the lead needed to go.

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