Airspace around cities to get facelift

Airspace around major cities will be getting a facelift this year, and pilots have the opportunity to decide what the new airspace will look like, according to a report at, which notes:

“The FAA will propose modifications to nearly half of the Class B airspace areas across the country (it takes two to three years for a redesign process to be completed). The agency biennially reviews airport operations and airspace needs to identify which areas need to be modified, but the task of modifying 14 Class B areas all at once isn’t the norm. “In the past 10 years, we’ve never seen this many airspace areas being modified at one time,” said Heidi Williams, AOPA senior director of airspace and modernization.”


  1. PB says

    Not again! I am aware that SNA and LGB and all the military controlled airspace in the SoCal Basin (and perhaps outside) is being redrawn – so I appeal to AOPA to ensure the airspace changes don’t become an airspace grab, as we’ve seen in the past.

    We know what happens when the President of Vice President comes into our air space – what it that situation was to become permanent?

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