Taurus LSA takes off

Pipistrel has unveiled the Taurus LSA, the first-ever high-performance two-seat self-launching glider with all advantages of the LSA category.

The Taurus LSA is equipped with a 50-hp retractable powerpack, allowing for unassisted powerful takeoffs on supershort runways and glider fields, company officials note. Takeoff distance is less than 600 ft., even when fully loaded and the rate of climb settles at the 600 fpm mark.

The Taurus LSA will reach 3000 ft AGL is less than six minutes and this is where the Intelligent Engine Control System takes over, company officials said. The system is fully automated, making sure that the propeller has positioned itself correctly and retracts the engine while you concentrate on finding that perfect lift. As a glider, Taurus LSA sports a glide ratio of 41:1 and features 5-stage flaperons to improve the performance at both low- and high speeds, company officials said.

The side-by-side seating arrangement enhances communication between the pilots, unlike conventional tandem two-seaters, company officials said. Full dual controls are reachable to both pilots and the pedals, seats, headrest and ventilation can be adjusted to suit your body and needs in just seconds, also during flight. There are side pockets for each pilot and a baggage compartment behind the seat with space for an oxygen system as well. The baggage compartment is accessible during flight.

The Taurus LSA features the Safety Cockpit Concept, company officials said, explaining the entire cabin area is encased with energy absorbing structures made from Kevlar fibre, which maintains the integrity of the cabin and makes it safe in case of stronger impacts. The Taurus can also be equipped with the ballistic parachute rescue system, which saves the complete aircraft together with the crew in case of severe emergencies.

Have you ever wandered what is it like to fly all electric? The company also offers the Taurus Electro, a fully electric-powered version of Taurus LSA with same performance numbers.

For more information: Pipistrel.si or Pipistrel-USA.com

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