WACO debuts Barnstormer Edition

WACO Classic Aircraft has introduced the 2010 WACO YMF-5C Barnstormer Edition. Certified for commercial activities, the new model features: Dual magneto R755 B2 (275 hp) engine featuring a 1,400 hour TBO; vinyl interior and rubber floor covering; basic VFR instrumentation, including Garmin avionics; traditional analog engine instrumentation; Goodyear 8.5 x 10 flight custom tires; hold open device for passenger door.

The Barnstormers Edition is optimized for commercial ride operations and customers looking for a more basic aircraft, company officials said.

Upgrading to the new 300-hp YMF-5D model adds: 300 hp Jacobs Radial Engine; Fuel Injection Capability; MT Wood-Composite Propeller; JPI EDM 930 Engine instrumentation system; High capacity Batteries; IFR Capability as Standardl LED Lighting (Landing, Taxi, & Beacon); leather interior for both pilot and passenger cockpits; heat system for both pilot and passengers; Garmin Advanced IFR Instrumentation; Ground Service Plug; Wheel Pants and Spats; Multi-Color Premium paint and non-standard designs; Front cockpit flight controls and brakes; two year global warranty; and factory pilot training

For more information: 269-565-1000 or WACOClassic.com

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