Backcountry airstrips get a boost

Congressmen Denny Rehberg (Montana), Allen Boyd (Florida), Vernon Ehlers (Michigan), Mike Simpson (Idaho) and Walt Minnick (Idaho) have jointly introduced a resolution in the House of Representatives supporting recreational aviation and backcountry airstrips on America’s public lands.

“With 147,000 square miles, there are plenty of places in Montana that you just can’t get to by road,” Rehberg, a member of the House General Aviation Caucus, is quoted in a story in the The Clark Fork Chronicle of Montana. “That’s why aviation is as important to modern Montana as the horse was for frontier Montana. During a time when our lands are under threat from drought, insect infestation and wildfire, and when our economy continues to struggle, backcountry airstrips serve a valuable role for land managers and visitors alike.”

“As a pilot, I know that many of us combine flying with other recreational activities, such as hunting, fishing and camping,” said Boyd, co-chair of the House General Aviation Caucus. “This legislation recognizes the important role rural backcountry airstrips are to general aviation enthusiasts and tourists across the country, and I am proud to be a co-sponsor of this resolution.”

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