American Legend delivers first G3X Smart Cub

American Legend Aircraft has delivered its Garmin G3X-equipped Legend Smart Cub. The Legend Cub is a certified sport aircraft similar to the classic Piper Cub and powered by a 100-hp Continental motor. The new Garmin G3X is a multifunction glass cockpit display system.

The first G3X-equipped Legend Smart Cub was delivered to a customer in Massachusetts, Rick Brown,  a pilot who enjoys flying for recreation, particularly sightseeing opportunities afforded by the islands around Cape Cod. Brown’s Legend Smart Cub is based at Falmouth Airpark, the only residential airpark in the state of Massachusetts. He has previously owned a Cessna Skylane, and chose the Legend Cub for its low-and-slow capabilities and its ability to fly with both left and right doors and windows open.

The Garmin G3X combines a full primary flight display, such as attitude/directional guidance, along with electronic engine monitoring and detailed moving-map capabilities, as well as features like terrain, traffic, weather, airport diagrams, and synthetic vision. The Smart Cub also offers redundant display of airspeed, altimeter, and tachometer, plus a Garmin radio and transponder.

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