Letter: Flying Experience

Dave: I like GAN and have been a reader/subscriber many years. I read with interest your editorial (A trip back in time) when my copy arrived today. I just completed exactly what you were describing. I did the review of my 52
years of flying to write my justification for the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award application. My log books are a pretty fair diary. Most of the time I can read the writing.

It was a most interesting exercise. Unlike you I didn’t do it just because I thought of it or was interested, but boy when I got into it, it really got interesting and turned out to be great fun. I was really glad I had done it, and the Master Pilot Award (dated January 15, 2010) was almost an anti-climax.

Don Smith
via email

P. S. The letter to the editor just to the right of your editorial says that he spend 10 years and 1000 hours in a Cessna 140 learning to fly. That has to be the longest PPL training I’ve ever heard of. I’m sure he didn’t mean it like it sounds.

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