Spiritual adventures at the ends of the Earth

When it comes to adventure and human fulfillment, few aviation careers stack up to missionary flying. The pilots who opt for this route have to have both skill and passion, along with a great deal of resourcefulness as they are literally practicing their craft in the remotest of places. The stories these pilots tell are both hair-raising and inspirational and they deserve to be repeated. Aviation enthusiast Dane Skelton thought so, so he decided to collect them. The result is “Jungle Flight, Spiritual Adventures at the Ends of the Earth.”

The paperback is a collection of vignettes from missionary pilots from all over the world working with the Jungle Aviation and Radio Service, commonly known as J.A.A.R.S. Founded in 1948, the organization provides Bible translation as well as technical and support services all over the world. Often the pilots find themselves and their families in remote locations in the most primitive of conditions, yet they stay because they have a higher calling. The book is a quick read at 102 pages, and is enlightening for anyone considering a career in missionary aviation. Jungle Flight is published by Xulon Press and available on Amazon.com

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