Ready for ADS-B

FreeFlight Systems introduced its line of RANGR 978 MHz ADS-B products, including ADS-B transmitters, transmitters with WAAS GPS, transceivers, and transceivers with WAAS GPS, Wednesday at AirVenture in Oshkosh.

The final FAA rule, released in May, dictates an ADS-B compliant system must have a high integrity position source and a radio that sends specific information from that position source to ATC, FreeFlight’s Jamie Luster said, noting the easiest way to achieve this requirement is to pair a TSO-C145/C146 WAAS GPS with an ADS-B approved transmitter. In addition, 978MHz compliance requires a small control head for entering squawk codes.

The RANGR family ranges in price from $1,200 to $6,995. “For a relatively small entry fee, people can equip their planes today and get free traffic and weather forever,” said Tim Taylor, the company’s president and CEO.

The FreeFlight Systems TSO RANGR family is designed for certified aircraft and includes a transmitter, transmitter with GPS, transceiver, and transceiver with GPS. All will meet the final FAA requirements for ADS-B including certification to TSO-C154c for the 978MHz transmitter and certification to TSO-C145 for the GPS, Taylor noted. The FreeFlight Systems non-TSO RANGR-E family is designed for experimental aircraft and includes a transmitter, transmitter with GPS, transceiver and transceiver with GPS. All are designed and tested to meet the final requirements for ADS-B including TSO-C154c for the 978MHz transmitter and TSO-C145 for the GPS, but will not actually hold a TSO.

All of the RANGR products are designed to provide the pilot with all the benefits of ADS-B, including TIS-B, ADS-R, extended ATC coverage, search and rescue coverage and flight tracking. In addition, the RANGR family will provide services only offered on 978MHz including FIS-B, fleet tracking and other future services.

“We believe that our customers want to realize the full safety benefits of ADS-B out along with the value added free traffic and weather services available though ADS-B in,” said Taylor.

“We also understand that pricing is crucial when aircraft owners consider installing an ADS-B solution today rather than waiting until closer to the mandate,” added Luster. “This is why we are offering several modular solutions at the lowest possible price point. It enable pilots to meet the ADS-B mandate and enjoy the benefits of TIS-B and FIS-B for approximately the same price as an XM receiver or a general aviation TAS system.”

Founded in 2001 through the acquisition of Trimble Navigation’s Avionics Products Division, FreeFlight Systems offers a broad array of GPS navigation systems, GNSS/SBAS sensors, radar altimeters, and ADS-B components and systems worldwide. Based in Waco, Texas, FreeFlight Systems was the first company to certify an airborne Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) receiver. For more information:

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