Flying motorcycle company wins Wolf Aviation Grant

MotoPod Attaching Pod

MotoPOD LLC was recently awarded a grant from The Wolf Aviation Fund. The company has developed a patent-pending belly pod that allows pilots to carry a street-legal motorcycle beneath their airplanes. After landing, it takes just 90 seconds to remove the motorcycle, unfold the handlebars and ride away, company officials said at this week’s AirVenture.

The invention overcomes a century-old problem with “James Bond style,” said President David Shelton. “Two-thirds of the small airports don’t have ground transportation services, making it tricky to fly places,” he said. “By combining air and ground transportation, we’re providing pilots with a complete door-to-door solution. It’s much faster, more convenient and fun to boot.”

The Wolf Aviation Fund, which was established in the wills of Alfred L. and Constance C. Wolf, funds the most promising individuals and worthy projects that advance the field of general aviation. Rol Murrow, the fund’s executive director said, “We are always looking for modest, yet far ranging and unique projects which promise to expand the utility of general aviation aircraft. The MotoPOD eloquently provides the often missing link once a pilot lands at an airport and we hope a new generation of aviators finds it to be a great resource.”

The streamlined pods are constructed from high performance composite materials. They contain a winch system, molded cradles and other components to help load, store and remove the motorcycle. The pods may also be used to haul bicycles, skis and other bulky items. The motorcycles are specially modified to make them lighter, spill proof and foldable. They provide highway performance for two adults, yet quickly fold to store beneath the airplane, Shelton said.

The pods are currently available for the Vans RV-10, a common 4-place kit airplane. The company is working towards FAA certification and products will soon be available for the Cirrus SR-22, Cessna 182, Diamond DA-42 and other common production airplanes. Belly pods are available for around $8,000 and the company offers a folding motorcycle conversion for about $5,500.

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  1. Geoff Lloyd says

    The Cessna Pod makers have disappeared off the market. Can’t get any response. We need this on the 185. The true aerial 4X4.

  2. says

    The entire system weighs less than 270 pounds so it is lighter than putting passengers in the back seats. In my RV-10 (1,100 lb useful load), I’m able to carry my girlfriend, motorcycle, full fuel and over 150 pounds of luggage.

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