Super 18-180 ready for production

After being certified under FAR Part 23 last year, the Super 18-180 is ready for production. The two-place “Super-Cub” type aircraft is powered by a 180-hp Lycoming engine, has a useful load in excess of 1,000 lbs., and, with its slotted wings, is capable of sustained level flight at 30 mph at max gross weight (2,300 lbs.), according to officials with Dakota Cub Aircraft. Standard equipment includes: 26, 29, or 31 inch tundra tires, super-duty landing gear (and AOSS suspension system), 90-inch flaps, 48 gallon fuel capacity, and a wide-body fuselage.

Dakota Cub Aircraft, Inc. has been in operation for more than 15 years, and currently produces FAA/PMA replacement parts and STC modifications for fabric piper aircraft, as well as both the certified Super 18-180 and the experimental S18-180-EXP.

For more information: 605-757-6628 or


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