Turn your iPhone into personal flight recorder

Flyvie Lite 4 is a free iPhone app, from Flyvie, for recording flights. Combined with the new Flyvie web-based Viewer, which emulates the recorded flight, the user can view the flight recording anytime, anywhere. Flyvie Lite enables real-time tagging for an efficient post flight debriefing. With the Flyvie Viewer, the user can also edit the video. The new Flyvie Viewer is now compatible with both the Flyvie Lite app recording system and the Flyvie Pro Recorder.

“We are very pleased with the new and improved Flyvie Viewer. Now with the introduction of the Flyvie Lite app, we are prepared to support iPhone users who now hold a personal flight recorder, providing the benefits of accelerated flight training and sharing the excitement of flying,” stated Igal Yaari, the Co-Founder and COO of Flyvie.

Flyvie also offers iPhone installation kit, which is compatible with both iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. The kit includes the Flyvie proprietary audio cable that enables optimum audio recording for high quality sound.


  1. Aaron Strasburg says

    The assisted part just helps the iPhone “find” itself quickly. The GPS still works fine if you’re out of cell range. GPS does not work at all if you go to Airplane mode.

  2. Josh Davis says

    My concern is that the iPhone GPS is still “Assisted”. When you go out of cell tower range, the GPS signal becomes unavailable. I didn’t see any mention of this with the product. Perhaps it has a way around this limitation?

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