SwiftFuel to power Richard ‘Smokey’ Young’s attempt at airspeed record

Richard “Smokey” Young will use an unleaded, high-octane biofuel developed by Swift Enterprises a during his attempt to establish a new 100-kilometer closed course speed record on Sept. 11.

Young will power his No. 3 Western Air Racing Special with SwiftFuel, developed and produced by Swift Enterprises Ltd. The Western Air Racing Special is an International Formula 1 aircraft powered by a Continental O-200 engine. Young is a 13-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force, president of International Formula 1 Air Racing, and runs the Aviation Pilot Training Program at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, Calif.

During the record attempt, he will take off from Thermal Airport, fly southeast 50 kilometers to the Salton Sea and return to the airport to land. He will fly at an altitude of 300 meters or lower and expects to reach a speed of 260 mph, which would break the record of 238 mph set in 2004.

Young explained why he is using SwiftFuel for his record attempt: “As I researched SwiftFuel, I became more convinced that ‘green’ fuel is the direction general aviation needs to move,” he said. “I am determined to show everyone that renewable fuel is just as good from a performance standpoint as general aviation fuel. I chose SwiftFuel because it is the only credible non-petrochemical derived fuel I have seen. It is for the good of aviation.”

According to a technical report about FAA testing, SwiftFuel demonstrated 13% more energy per gallon than 100 low-lead (100LL) and demonstrated normal engine wear and lower fuel system deposits as compared to 100LL.

For more information: SwiftEnterprises.com.


  1. says

    I wish the pilot a safe win.

    “non-petrochemical derived fuel I have seen.” Ironically, nobody has seen a single gallon of bio-derived fuel from Swift. It really is nothing but petroleum based chemicals.

    Tired of seeing Bio Swift anything.

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