FAR/AIM 2011 released

Don’t get caught in the air with an out-of-date edition of FAR/AIM, the complete aeronautical information manual from the Federal Aviation Administration. FAR/AIM 2011, with nearly 1,000 pages of current FAA data and dozens of instructional illustrations, is now available.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Updated federal aviation regulations
  • Rules and procedures for general aviation and sports pilots
  • Precise information for specific pilot training certifications and ratings
  • Study guide for training certifications
  • Definitions and abbreviations for all aeronautical terms
  • Restrictions on moored balloons, kites, amateur rockets, and unmanned free balloons
  • Aircraft registration guidelines
  • A pilot/controller glossary
  • The NASA Aviation Safety reporting form
  • FAA contact information
  • And answers to every other aviation and piloting question

Price: $15.95.

For more information: 212-643-6816 or SkyhorsePublishing.com

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