Planes on Poles… really!

From the press release, “Don’t roll your eyes when you hear I have yet another app. This one is so stupid you have to love it!” Okay, maybe that part is from the pre-roll to the release, but AircraftMerchants president and nascent iPhone/iPad app-creator Todd Huvard has done it again. This time with Planes on Poles. Think plane-spotting without the noise and motion. Planes on Poles is an “app for uploading and sharing photos of Planes on Poles with other rigid airframe aficionados”. Below are screenshots from the app on my iPad. When loaded on an iPhone, the app allows a user to easily upload images to the Planes on Poles map for others to see and enjoy. The app is free from the App Store.

Mobile Photo Sep 30, 2010 2 43 36 PM

U.S. map of Planes on Poles. Click one of the markers to see type of aircraft. Click the blue button to see image of aircraft.

Mobile Photo Sep 30, 2010 2 43 46 PM

Texas-based F-80 Shooting Star.


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    Very interesting, I have seen a few near the Great Lakes Navy training center, close to where I live. I’ll make sure I have a camera ready next time I’m flying or driving around the area.

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