New Advanced Coatings Lab opens

The Advanced Coatings Lab, part of Wichita State University’s National Institute for Aviation Research, is Wichita’s new center for development of aerospace coatings technology, products, and processes.

Located at the new National Center for Aviation Training, the lab aims to work with both paint users in the aircraft industry and paint suppliers, said Brandon Hunt, director of the Advanced Coatings Lab.

Optimizing formulas and evaluating theories are also benefits of the new lab. “A company can come to the lab and have independent testing done, batch to batch, to see if they are getting a quality product,” said Hunt.

For more information: or 316-677-1334.

Aerospace painting and coating technology courses are also offered at NCAT through Wichita Area Technical College (WATC) to provide training for aircraft painters, lab technicians, and engineering technicians related to coatings used throughout the certification and manufacturing process. WATC courses cover beginner, intermediate, and advanced topics in coatings, and will provide insight into coatings, how it relates to aerospace, application, lab testing, color, and detail work. For more information:

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