The Flight of the Feral Chihuahua published

Author Jeremiah D. Jackson has released a new book, “The Flight of the Feral Chihuahua: In Pursuit of the Round-Trip Transcontinental Speed Record.”

The Flight of the Feral Chihuahua is a true story about the effort, challenges, and fears behind setting a new round-trip transcontinental speed record in a small airplane. Here, Jackson retells his exploits in modifying his homebuilt, experimental airplane, and then flying it 4,200 miles one winter’s day across the United States and back. Challenging him along the way were hours of fatigue, deep isolation, dangerous weather, and equipment failures. Offsetting these challenges were not only months of planning, state-of-art equipment, and extensive training, but also the love and prayers of friends and families, the author says.

A California native, Jeremiah “Jerry” Jackson is a skydiver and instrument-rated pilot with eight world, and one national-level, aviation records. A civil engineer by training and profession, he lives with his wife, Nina, by the beach in San Diego, California. He lectures at John Paul the Great Catholic University, where he is a professor of business, and consults at Kleinfelder, where he is a senior principal engineer. His wife and he are currently writing Wine Flights, a book about wineries that are located near airports.

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