Is ethanol on the run?

The GAfuels Blog is written by two private pilots concerned about the future availability of fuels for piston-engine aircraft: Dean Billing, Sisters, Ore., an expert on autogas and ethanol, and Kent Misegades, Cary, N.C., an aerospace engineer and aviation journalist.

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, “Ethanol on the Run”, a broad bipartisan coalition of lawmakers has formed to end subsidies and other forms of support for ethanol. Could this be the beginning of the end of the mandated use of ethanol in our fuels, and with it a greater supply of ethanol-free fuel, sorely needed in aviation as a low-cost alternative to leaded avgas?

While such a prediction is probably premature, clearly the honeymoon for this once-ballyhooed “green” fuel is over. Judging from the continued growth signatures on our petition to ban ethanol in Premium (91 AKI) gasoline, citizens from all walks of life agree that it’s time to get the ethanol out of at least one grade of fuel.

If you have not already, we suggest you contact your state representative, educate him or her on the negative impact of ethanol on aviation (and other fields), and urge a ban on ethanol’s use in Premium gas in your state.  Do the same with members of the General Aviation Caucuses in the House and Senate from your state.

Ethanol is on the run — help us accelerate its removal from Premium gas and provide aviation with an affordable alternative to leaded avgas.


  1. Kent Misegades says

    Curtis, despite the odds, voices to preserve a supply of ethanol-free Premium are getting stronger. See Visser’s column in the December 7th issue of General Aviation News. I received a call yesterday from my Senator Richard Burr’s office, and a call last week from NC Congressman Howard Coble, an active member of the House GA Caucus. Both pledged their opposition to further support for ethanol and support to ban ethanol in Premium. This is why regular contact with our elected officials is so important, otherwise all they’ll hear are the pro-ethanol lobbyists. Sadly, our own aviation alphabets are largely silent on the subject, with the notable exception of LAMA.

  2. Curtis Barry says

    From what I’ve heard here in Tenn., ethanol free gas is “on the run” and will have run out by Dec. 2011. I can still get ethanol free fuel at several local staions.

  3. says

    While there are a number of congress critters that would love to allow the ethanol tax credit and tariff expire, they don’t have anywhere near the clout of the senators beholding to corn, especially Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa. He was bragging about how he got the tax credit tacked onto the big tax package in the congress now:;jsessionid=68CDE0B027EFCD104BE349B5711E69C1.agfreejvm1?symbolicName=/ag/blogs/template1&blogHandle=ethanol&blogEntryId=8a82c0bc2a8c8730012cd160587f1ba4

  4. Roger Lambert says

    Ethanol will have long legs to run with as long as Senator Grassley(R.Iowa) sits as committe chairman. He has already put ethanol into the recent tax cut bill.

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