Belite introduces two new instruments

Belite Aircraft has updated several of its avionics and is also offering two new instruments: A solid state gyro-based Turn Rate Indicator, designed as an IFR backup instrument for experimental aircraft; and a new Air Speed Indicator with a greater speed range.

Belite’s new battery backup version of the Turn Rate Indicator utilizes a solid state gyro to provide pilots with a “wings level” indicator and also indicates turns to the left or right, just like a classic TRI, according to company officials, who note the new version also incorporates user suggested improvements. A turn beyond max rate in either direction will not blank the display as in the previous model. As a result, the pilot knows which way to turn to reduce the rate of turn (and eventually level the wings). Also included is the ability to automatically switch from ship power (+12v) to a lithium 9 volt battery. This switchover occurs automatically if ship power fails. Battery backup life after ship power failure is about 20 hours. A lithium battery is included. The new improved TRI is available in classic 2.25″ round bezels for $159.95.

Belite also introduces a new version of its popular Air Speed Indicator. Calibrated in knots, this new instrument is identical to the existing ASI, except that the speed range has been changed to more accurately reflect the needs of many experimental aircraft pilots. The new instrument offers a speed range of 35 to 135 knots indicated airspeed. The new ASI is available in classic 2.25″ round bezels for $129.95.

Meanwhile,  updates to existing instruments include new plastic faceplates, which improve water resistance over existing instruments, company officials said. This provides a better solution for open cockpit implementations. Also updated is the AGL altimeter, which now includes a knob, to more easily adjust field elevation.

For more information: or 316-253-6746.

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