Rockefeller re-introduces FAA bill on NextGen and safety

Sen. John (Jay) Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) introduced legislation Friday to improve air safety and set time tables for NextGen (Next Generation Air Transportation System).

The bill sets many requirements on the FAA, as well as establishes deadlines for the adoption of NextGen navigation and surveillance technology. For example, it would require development of these procedures at the 35 busiest airports by 2014 and the entire national airspace system by 2018.

For safety, the bill also requires the FAA to develop a plan to provide runway incursion information, better safety oversight of foreign repair stations, and improve helicopter emergency medical service operations.

This is the same bill he introduced in the last session of Congress and was passed by the Senate 93-0 but failed to ever reach the President’s desk.

“Our aviation system,” he said when introducing the bill, “is fundamental to our communities and out nation’s long-term economic growth.”

He added that he is committed to getting the bill to the President this year. Rockefeller chairs the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation.


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