Firewall Forward Aero Engines completes move

Firewall Forward Aero Engines, manufacturer of the CAM100 and CAM125 Honda-based aircraft engines, and the CAMDRIVE 500 helical gear PSRU, has moved to the central Ontario region of Canada and is now back in production.

The CAM100 is a normally aspirated Honda-based engine that offers an alternative to the 100-hp Continental engines on a power to weight ratio. Priced at $7,995, it offers a fuel burn of less than 3.5 gallons per hour and a TBO of 2,500 hours.

The CAM125 Honda-based engine and PSRU are undergoing a modernization which will include a custom intake and exhaust header, improved ignition system, electronic fuel injection and a lighter PSRU, according to company officials. The result will be a 226 lbs. powerplant with a peak output of 138 horsepower, up from the current 131 horsepower. The price will remain at $9,850 for the current version of CAM125 engine with pricing to be announced shortly for the upgraded version. The universal lightweight PSRU will be priced at $8,795.

The CAM200 PSRU will be able to handle up to 225 horsepower and will feature a new 100 millimeter carbon fiber belt matched to new custom sprockets. A custom adaptor plate makes both redrives truly universal, company officials said.

Builders planning on using a V8 engine will be pleased to know that the CAMDRIVE 500 series of redrives will handle up to 500 horsepower. It is available in 6- and 9-inch offsets and 3 gear ratios, 1.78, 2.118 and 2.48:1. Prices start at $13,975 Canadian, which includes a direct bolt-on bell housing adaptor. Two power takeoffs are available for prop governor and vacuum pump. The gears are helical cut from industrial gear steel. All versions of the CAMDRIVE 500 can be lubricated by its own sump, or to save weight, from the engine oil. Overall weight is 78 pounds and the prop flanges are interchangeable without opening the gearbox. The gearcase is CNC machined from solid 6061 billets for added strength.

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