Elektra One makes first flight

The Elektra One, developed by Calin Gologan, CEO of PC-Aero, made it’s first flight (see YouTube video) on Saturday, March 19 at the Augsburg, Germany airport, piloted by test pilot Jon Karkow. On March 23, Norbert Lorenzen piloted the Elektra One for 30 minutes, circling overhead the airport.

The Elektra One:

  • climbed to over 500 meters, with 400 feet/min.
  • used only about 3 kWh of energy from the total 6 kWh available on board.

“Our expectations have been exceeded”, says Calin Gologan. “We are overjoyed.”

The Geiger Engineering company, located in Bamberg/Germany, developed the electric drive unit including electric motor HPD 13.5 (16kW maximum power), controller, battery management and propeller.

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