CubCrafters dealership opens in Australia

With the recent establishment of Cub Aircraft Australia Pty. Ltd, CubCrafters has extended its distribution network to Australia. Cub Aircraft Australia has just completed building a hanger at Tyabb Airport, about 40 miles southeast of Melbourne, Victoria. They recently received two CubCrafters aircraft, one of which is being used for demonstrations.

Company founder Stephen Buckle reports that even in these early stages, interest in the Carbon Cub has been high, and that people commonly express disbelief that such a powerful airplane qualifies for the Light Sport category.

Buckle first heard about CubCrafters from a friend and had an opportunity to fly a Sport Cub earlier this year, in South Australia. (To his knowledge, there are currently only three CubCrafters aircraft on the continent.) His interest piqued, Buckle made a visit to the CubCrafters factory in September, where he toured the facility and reached an agreement to become the Certified Sales Center for the Australian market.

Buckle explains his enthusiasm and optimism: “In Australia we do not really have a history with Cubs in any big way. There are some old Cubs here, but not many. The Carbon Cub is unique. Purchasing an airplane is always a compromise, but the Carbon Cub doesn’t pretend to be anything and doesn’t seem to be a compromise. It’s great fun and puts a smile on your face.”

Australian pilots interested the CubCrafters line will find Cub Aircraft Australia linked on the CubCrafters web site and also at

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