FIRCs with a twist

CFIs now have two new choices when renewing their CFI certificates. The FAA has awarded AVSeminars a new two-year authorization to conduct Flight Instructor Refresher Courses and it comes with two, new twists.

After a year of conditional authority conducting webinar FIRCs, the FAA okayed AVSeminars’ request to conduct “Progressive Webinar FIRCs.” CFIs can now complete their 16 hour renewal requirements by participating from their home or office in eight two-hour webinars. AVSeminars’ CEO Bruce Micek says: “The really neat aspects are that it’s ‘live’, it has the same benefits of being in a classroom with other CFIs, retention is better because of the two-hour blocks and if you miss a session it can be made up in another week.”

Also approved by the FAA is authority to conduct “Mega-FIRCs.” These consist of quarterly CFI Renewal Seminars held in one location and transmitted to several other locations around the world via closed-circuit TV. Each location has an AVSeminars proctor and everyone will have an opportunity to participate in the conversation. “Our Mega-FIRCs give us the muscle to bring the top name presenters to our CFIs and opens a wide-ranging ability for CFIs to gain incredible perspective,” adds Micek.

AVSeminars’ monthly “live” FIRCs continue to be held throughout the country with class sizes limited to 35 attendees. All FIRCs, Webinar, Seminar and Mega-FIRC continue to be priced at $96 for the next two months. This price includes the complete processing of the FAA Temporary Airman Certificate. Flight instructors may renew their CFI certificates anytime within four months prior to their expiration date.

For more information: or 352-256-6587

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