Lisa Airplanes launches Akoya LSA

France-based Lisa Airplanes has opened the order book for its amphibious ski-plane named Akoya. Using a unique fuselage/hull design that includes “Seafoils”, the Akoya can operate from land, water and snow, according to company officials.

Lisa Airplanes Akoya just off the water.

The Rotax-powered aircraft will carry 18.5 gallons with a range of 680 miles. Initial prototype flights were conducted in 2009, and Lisa is planning for mid-2012 LSA certification.

From the press release, “Lisa Airplanes includes tailored services in the €300,000 (excluding tax) sales price. [That coverts to $411,390 as of September 20, 2011]. These services include pilot training for the three types of landing, personalization of the aircraft, three years of maintenance and full-time customer assistance.”

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