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In the wake of Hurricane Irene, pilots are invited to join in Bahamas Habitat’s upcoming Fly-In & Help Out weekend Thursday, Oct. 20, through Sunday, Oct. 23. The organization is extending an open invitation to all interested aircraft owners and pilots to join this mission, which benefits the disaster relief and habitat repair operations of Bahamas Habitat.

“Every trip pilots join the Fly-In and Help Out event and have an adventure while making a difference. What makes this mission opportunity unique for aircraft owners is the Bahamas are easily accessible by aircraft and after Hurricane Irene there are many needs we can fill,” said John Armstrong, president of Bahamas Habitat. “The flight provides the ideal opportunity for a mission-minded pilot to give back to a neighboring community in an exciting and tax-deductible way while expanding their horizons by learning the ropes of international mission flying.”

Pilots and crewmembers participating in the Fly-In & Help Out mission will meet at Fort Pierce Airport (FPR) on Thursday, Oct. 20 for lunch and pilot briefings prior to departing to Eleuthera. Lodging, food and transportation on the island are all arranged for the group. Participants will donate and deliver needed supplies and help with ongoing mission projects.

“If you’ve ever wanted to fly your airplane to the Bahamas, this is the perfect way to learn the ropes while supporting a good cause,” Armstrong said. “We have pilots join us from all over for our Fly-In & Help Out events and in every case the experience really touches their hearts.”

The organization says they’ve had up to 15 aircraft on previous trips and they can house up to 60 people at its main base camp called Camp Symonette. Pilots learn international procedures, over water flying and mission flying while connecting with the mission camp where they see first hand ongoing disaster relief and repair projects as well as the progress with the group’s Zion Children’s Home construction. The organization reports that many of their participants come back repeatedly and also get involved in the organization’s ongoing flight missions to Haiti. Officials report that there is still much work to be done to repair roofs in the Bahamas after Hurricane Irene.

Bahamas Habitat is a US-based Christian nonprofit organization supporting housing and disaster relief work in the Bahamas and Caribbean that also introduces pilots to mission flying opportunities. The organizations’ volunteers flew a week-long airlift after Hurricane Irene and over 400 missions to Haiti following the devastating earthquake there. Bahamas Habitat was recognized in 2010 by the National Aeronautic Association with the Public Benefit Flying Outstanding Achievement Award, Teamwork Award and Distinguished Volunteer Pilot Award.

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