Petition to take user fees off table

A petition to take user fees off the table in the budget deficit talks has been launched at We The People, a government website that promises that any petition receiving 5,000 signatures in 30 days will get reviewed by White House staff, who will ensure it is sent to the appropriate policy experts. The petition had 260 signatures as of Monday afternoon.

Started by “Kevin M” of Marion, Iowa, the petition states: “At a time when we should be working to simplify the tax codes, the administration wants to make it more complex by adding another new fee to the aviation system.

“The aviation community understands the need to raise revenue at a time when we all need to sacrifice, however, this should be done by increasing tax rates on aviation fuel, rather than on a per-flight basis. By using an existing system of revenue generation, the administration can put more of the revenue collected towards the operation of the air traffic control system, thus improving safety for the system overall.

“Furthermore, a tax on fuel more accurately reflects the actual ATC services used over a fixed flat fee, as a flight from NYC to LA will require more controller time than a flight from NYC to Boston.”

Click here to find out more and add your signature to the petition.


  1. Fireworkshot says

    I can’t fill out the form to sign the petition… won’t scroll and the web master didn’t design it to fit all browsers….thus the bottom half is inaccessible.  I wrote the gov.   and they won’t like to read what I have to say, even though it is the truth.

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