iFly 700 upgraded

Adventure Pilot has added Geo-Referenced Approach Plates and Airport Diagrams on the Version 6 software update for iFly GPS, as well as ADS-B Weather Support for third party ADS-B weather devices.

Every unit will ship with these new features and existing iFly owners can update to the Version 6 software, company officials said.

Pilots can now track their current GPS position directly on top of the NACO Approach Plate and Airport Diagrams with geo-coded data by Essential Flight Technologies. A pilot can see the flight plan, instruments and has the ability to make split-second modifications on the geo-referenced approach plate, according to company officials. Both Plates and Diagrams support full rotation for maximum viewing, further increasing the supplemental situational awareness the iFly GPS offers for both VFR and IFR pilots. Geo-Referenced Plates and Diagrams are updated as part of the VFR & IFR Annual Data Subscription.

The iFly GPS database also is pre-loaded with over 700 geo-referenced airport diagrams. The new airport diagrams will be updated as part of the VFR Annual Data Subscription. All VFR and IFR charts and diagrams are updated according to the FAA data cycle.

The Version 6 Software Update adds ADS-B Weather Support for third party ADS-B devices. Pilots can now see live Nexrad radar, METARs, TAFs, Winds Aloft and PIREPs. ADS-B provides pilots with a no-cost weather feature if they have a third party ADS-B receiver like the SkyRadar by Radenna, company officials said.

According to company officials, this new weather mode offers a simple layout with route visuals, airports, weather stations, and an interactive touch feature to pull a weather report nearest to the pilot’s touch point. The pilot can then select METAR, TAF, Winds Aloft or PIREPS as they wish. In addition, pilots without an ADS-B receiver will benefit from an enhanced downloadable weather feature called Pre-Flight Weather. This feature provides an interactive map with graphical VFR/IFR visuals and allows for touch reporting of METARS, TAFs and Winds Aloft. A user will continue to see current position, flight plan and instruments while viewing the weather mode.

For more information: iFlyGPS.com, 1888-200-5129

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