ADS-B transmitter receives FAA nod

FreeFlight Systems’ RANGR FDL-978TX ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) UAT 978MHz transmitter has received TSO-C154c approval from the FAA.

The RANGR FDL-978TX system will interface to FreeFlight Systems’ WAAS-GPS receiver 1201, dual antennas, and a panel mounted control head. The system weighs less than 1 pound and also meets all DO-160 testing for helicopter applications, company officials said.

The RANGR FDL-978TX will provide pilots with the first V2 compliant TSO-C154c UAT Transmitter to comply with the Advisory Circular AC 20-165. ADS-B is the first step in the NextGen air traffic control transformation. Operators in the Gulf Coast will experience the immediate benefits, as there is currently no radar coverage. The RANGR FDL-978TX will provide air traffic controllers with course, speed, and altitude data continuously, as well as to other ADS-B equipped aircraft.

“FreeFlight Systems is excited to be the leader in NextGen technologies and the RANGR is our first success. ADS-B is the future of air traffic control providing increased situational awareness, improved spacing and efficiency,” said Tim Taylor, CEO of FreeFlight Systems.

FreeFlight Systems is offering special introductory pricing now through April 2012

Founded in 2001 through the acquisition of Trimble Navigation’s Avionics Products Division, FreeFlight Systems offers a broad array of GPS navigation systems, GNSS/SBAS sensors, radar altimeters, and ADS-B components and systems worldwide. Based in Waco, Texas, FreeFlight Systems was the first company to certify an airborne Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) receiver. For more information:

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