Healing continues for Reno survivor

“He’s doing alright. Doing pretty good actually,” said Tracy, the wife of Reno Air Races crash survivor Larry Cruz. (I wrote about him Oct. 9). He is still in Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center but now has his new hook.

Larry Cruz gets ready to eat with his new hook.

He’d like to get moved to the rehab floor, but he still has a lot of healing yet to do. “Doctor’s won’t tell us if he’s out of the woods yet regarding his leg, but we’re hopeful,” continued Tracy. Larry continues to work his left hand and tendons but the going is a little slow as his hand is still broken.

Tracy assured me his spirit remains very much intact. He’s trying to micromanage the whole process which, if you know Larry, is par for the course.

Brian Williams, founder of Think Kindness, is still working to raise money for its Family Assistance Fund. Currently, several private donors have sent in about $20,000. Williams told me he’s just put in place an eBay sales feature where eBay will waive all fees and the proceeds from a sales will be directed to Think Kindness. [Have an old TV you’d like to get rid of?] In fact, you can help “Spread the Word” with a flyer or host your own fundraiser. Williams hopes to raise a few hundred thousand dollars that will be spread among the survivors.

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