Construction projects at SLN hit full stride

Construction work at Salina Municipal Airport (SLN) in Kansas have hit full stride, with seven projects valued at more than $8.8 million underway or getting started. The scope of work ranges from airfield improvements that will offer immediate benefits to utility line work that will support job growth for decades to come, Tim Rogers, the airport’s executive director, reported.

In an update sent out late last week, Rogers noted that pilots will benefit from a new PAPI being installed at the approach end of runway 35. The new approach aid will be commissioned for use this month.

Hangar 606 renovations have started and will continue through the early part of 2012. This $2.5 million dollar project will enable the airport authority to offer an up-to-date 50,000-square-foot hangar to interested MRO companies, he said.

The City of Salina is well underway with the installation of new water mains, sewer lines and fire protection water lines. This $3.8 million project supports current airport and Airport Industrial Center businesses and future growth, he said. The utility line improvements will support the future construction of more than 500,000 square feet of new hangar space at the SLN Aviation Service Center.

Key to the safety of all airport users is the construction of a new airport fire station. The $2.5 million project is funded, in part, by an FAA Airport Improvement Program grant. Construction started in September and will be completed by June 2012.

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