Beijing’s first GA firm

China Daily reported that the Beijing General Aviation Group (BGAG) has been co-founded by Beijing Automotive Group (BAIC) and Beihang University, in terms of capital ($15.7 million) and technologies, respectively. According to Wikipedia, BAIC is a state-owned automaker that manufactures Hyundai and Mercedes-branded autos for sale on the Chinese market.

From the same China Daily story, “The two sides signed the contract Tuesday, and set four goals, including building up research and development capabilities, industrializing general aviation engines, avionics equipment and general aircraft, synchronizing the technology to the world’s most advanced levels by cooperating with foreign companies, and forming a complete industrial chain, said Zhu Suiyu, director of the industrial layout office of BAIC.” Sure, everything is state-owned, and these goals may never come to pass, but to hear leadership using this forward-thinking language is refreshing. To bad it’s not coming from the good old U.S. or A.

China Daily also reported that, “China’s civil aviation authorities [estimate] that by 2012 China will need 10,000 to 12,000 aircraft in the general aviation field.” 10,000-12,000 aircraft? I don’t know off-hand how many GA aircraft there are in China, but I’d be willing to bet to achieve these numbers, China would need to deliver or receive 9,500-11,500 aircraft.

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