WACO Classic gains Great Lakes TC

WACO Classic Aircraft has officially received the Type Certificate for the Great Lakes 2T-1A series of aircraft. With the TC in hand, WACO Classic is able to better work with the FAA to return the Great Lakes to the air, company officials said.

Company officials note that most of the engineering updates have been completed and are pending approval, including updates to the frame structure, provisions for new “yet to be announced” Garmin avionics and radios, and engineering work related to the new Lycoming AEIO-390 210-hp engine.

“The Great Lakes will be a great fit for us,” noted Waco Classic’s Peter Bowers. They are planning to bring it to market in the $230,000-$240,000 range.

The first customer airplane will be started in December, officials added. More information on the Great Lakes project status is available at www.wacoclassic.blogspot.com.

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