FAA launches laser incident website

The FAA is taking more action to cut down on the growing problem of lasers being pointed at aircraft by establishing a new website to make it easier to report laser incidents and to obtain information on the subject.

This year, through Oct. 20, pilots reported 2,795 laser events. That is an increase from less than 300 in 2005. The most laser events reported by pilots this year have been in Phoenix (96), Philadelphia (95), and Chicago (83). Lasers can distract or temporarily blind pilots.

The new website collects a wide array of laser information, including links for reporting laser incidents, laser statistics, FAA research on the dangers lasers can pose to pilots, and downloadable videos.

In June of this year the FAA announced it would start imposing civil penalties of up to $11,000 against persons who interfere with flight crews by pointing a laser into the cockpit of an aircraft. Currently, the FAA is working on 18 civil penalty cases.

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