DC-3 book now available in softcover

Released in hardcover just a few months ago at AirVenture, “Together We Fly: Voices From the DC-3” is now available in a softcover edition.

“Together We Fly: Voices From the DC-3” is the story of an aircraft like none other — a true legend, the icon of an industry and one of the most recognized aircraft in history. Today, more than 75 years after her first flight, the DC-3 graces the skies of the 21st century. Crowds still gather to watch a DC-3 land, technicians revel in the sound of her rumbling radial engines, cargo haulers appreciate her ability to stretch to meet impossible demands, and pilots still dream of flying the greatest airplane ever built.

Author Julie Boatman Filucci recounts stories from the DC-3’s early development, through its many historic roles, and into the present. Filucci has devoted her career to the aviation industry, first at Jeppesen Sanderson as a technical writer/editor, and then at the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association as technical editor for AOPA Pilot magazine. She works for the Cessna Aircraft Co. and holds a Flight Instructor certificate and an Airline Transport Pilot certificate with a Douglas DC-3 type rating.

The book’s foreword was written by Jack Pelton, former Cessna CEO, one of General Aviation’s most recognized advocates, and a former Douglas Aircraft Company engineer.

Price: $19.95

For more information: ASA2Fly.com

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