CPA announces 2012 courses

“You will learn more about your Cessna airplane than 99% of Cessna owners ever will,” says Cessna Pilots Association Executive Director John Frank. That is, if you take the CPA Systems and Procedures Course.

Each instructor is an experienced mechanic, aircraft owner and high-time pilot. The course takes the Cessna owner through all the aircraft systems and how they work, problem areas, maintenance tips and safe operation.

For the first half of 2012 the following courses will be offered:

  • April 21-22 Restart 182S/182T/T182T Santa Maria, CA
  • April 27-29 210/P210/T210  Santa Maria, CA
  • May 4-6 205/206/207   Santa Maria, CA
  • June 2-3 R182/TR182/T182  Cincinnati, OH
  • June 9-10 Legacy 182   Cincinnati, OH

“Invest one weekend to be a safer and more knowledgeable owner,” says Frank. In addition, CPA Courses are approved for A&Ps who hold an Inspection Authorization to comply with the FAA Inspection Authorization Refresher Training.

Tuition for the Systems and Procedures Courses ranges from $395 to $550. For more information on the courses or to register for a specific course, go to or telephone 805-934-0493.

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