LogTen Pro 6.0 launches

The latest version of Coradine Aviation Systems’ flagship Logbook for Mac, iPhone and iPad — LogTen Pro 6.0 — has been approved today by Apple and is now available in the App store.

LogTen Pro 6.0 has added more than 100 new features for pilots with an even simpler and more flexible interface, according to company officials. Built as a stand-alone logbook for each device, LogTen Pro enables pilots to manage their flight time wherever they are, whatever device they happen to be on – iPad, iPhone or Mac.

For students, examiners and CFIs, LogTen Pro 6.0 for iPad and iPhone has the new digital signature feature. Now with LogTen Pro 6.0 instructors can sign student logbooks directly on either iPhone or iPad with their finger. No paper or pen required. Students can log time and get the necessary instructor validation before heading home from the airport.

For professional pilots, LogTen Pro 6.0 now has a visual duty limits tracking feature, enabling them to get a bird’s eye view of past, present and future flights in simple graph-form and know immediately of any potential duty limit issues. Pilots can also now track more than just flights including deadheads, standbys, reserve duties and more.

Other features include:

  • LogTen Pro 6 now operates like iPhoto or iTunes, no need to deal with documents, or saving, or remembering where the file was saved
  • Dynamic flight detail view showing only the fields selected by the pilot
  • More options for tracking pay including counting push time
  • Multiple approaches per flight with detailed information about quantity, type, runway, and place
  • Lion full screen support
  • Detailed options for fuel tracking
  • Tracks up to 20 passengers per flight
  • New tax report leverages new fields for tracking use code, passenger count, business passenger count, etc. to make it easy to generate a business use report for aircraft at the end of the year

LogTen Pro 6.0 for Mac is $149.99 (US); for iPhone, $49.99 (US), for iPad $79.99 (US).

For more information: Coradine.com

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