Dr. Rotech engine analyzer debuts

Light Sport Group has introduced the Dr. Rotech engine electronics analyzer for Rotax 912 series engines. Dr. Rotech was designed to assist aircraft mechanics, pilots, and aircraft owners in troubleshooting the systems of the most popular line of Rotax engines.

It will provide initial and preliminary troubleshooting information on all the major electrical system components described in the 912 powertrain maintenance manual, according to company officials.

Troubleshooting electrical problems on the 912 series of engines previously required the use of a voltmeter and an extensive knowledge of the aircraft’s electrical system, company officials said. Dr. Rotech can plug directly into the ignition module’s connector or can auto-detect which system you are testing if using the test lead/probe. Labeled green and red lights indicate which systems are functioning properly.

Systems tested include the Charging Coil, Trigger/Pick-Up Coils, Primary Ignition Coils, the Ignition Switch, the Engine Ground, the Stator, and Spark Plug Wires. Dr. Rotech also offers PC support, allowing users to plug into a computer to obtain more specific information such as a failure counter for troubleshooting intermittent problems.

Light Sport Group’s Dr. Rotech will be demonstrated and available at the Sebring Light Sport Expo January 19-22.

For more information: LightSportGroup.com

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