Tecnam introduces the P92 Sea-Sky Hydroplane

Tecnam has introduced the Tecnam P92 Sea-Sky Hydroplane.This sixth generation development builds on the success of both the P92 Echo Classic and P92 Eaglet, company officials said.

‘’Our Tecnam P92 Sea-Sky Hydroplane offers you the pleasure of enjoying both blue waters and blue skies,’’ said Paolo Pascale, Tecnam’s managing director, noting the plane is “not just designed to perform superbly on water but also on the remaining 29% of the world’s surface — land — by using our innovative four wheels retractable landing gear.”

Requiring a takeoff run of less than 200 meters (656 feet), the Tecnam P92 Sea-Sky Hydroplane is powered by a 100-hp engine.

The new seaplane will be produced at Tecnam’s new composites production facility, home to both the Tecnam P2008 and Tecnam P Twenty-Ten, in Capua, Italy.

Tecnam traces its roots to the activities of the Italian brothers Luigi and Giovanni Pascale, who developed and produced innovative aircraft soon after the end of World War II and have continued to create original models under the name Partenavia. Established in March 1986, Costruzioni Aeronautiche TECNAM now operates in two production facilities. The Casoria facility is located adjacent to Naples Capodichino Airport. The Capua facility is located adjacent to the Oreste Salmone Airport.

For more information: Tecnam.com

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