Aircraft Spruce stocks Rain B Gon

Aircraft Spruce is now stocking a rain repellent, Rain B Gon, which will improve your wet weather flying, riding or driving visibility, whether in rain, sleet or snow, according to company officials.

Rain B Gon rain repellent is a hydrophobic coating technology that forms a chemical bond and causes the raindrops to bead up and blow away from the windshield. This new technology is designed especially for plastic Acrylic and Lexan windshields, and has no alcohol that can harm plastic. It is safe to use on glass windshields also, for cars, RVs, boats and trucks, company officials said. It can be applied on painted surfaces, and aids in easy removal of salt, ice, frost, insects and mud, they add.

For more information: or 877-477-7823 and reference part number 09-03487.

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