Airport hopes to attract tenants with rebate program

Lexington, NC – The Davidson County Airport Authority is offering a new fuel rebate to tenants at the Davidson County Airport. The program will be tracked by the airport’s FBO operator, Fly High Lexington and is based on annual fuel consumption. “Basically the more fuel a base tenant pumps during the year, the higher the rebate” says Karel Van Der Linden, Owner and Director of Fly High Lexington. An aircraft with a tax value of $2 million for example could get a maximum rebate of $6,000 if it meets the highest level of volume required.

An aircraft owner can achieve a 100% rebate with 12,000 gallons or more pumped during the year and can qualify for a 25% rebate with as little as 3000 gallons. “The goal of this program is to become more competitive in the region in order to attract new corporate customers to the field and to fill the four corporate hangars that are available” said Van Der Linden. Call 336-956-7774 for more information.



  1. Rod Beck says

    Lets see now – ONE fillup in a “G-5″ = 1,500+ (partial fillups) of Ultralights (non-corporate), thats assuming they use 100LL – not auto fuel – perhaps if the FBO would install an auto fuel self-serve pump, serve FRESH baked cookies and COLD bottled water, he soon would have made a zillion new “freinds” and have 200+ “positive” writeups in – yet another “noble” FBO who enjoys subsidizing “social aviators” who soon will be consulting a bankruptcy and divorce attorney!
    NOTE: Perhaps the previous comment by (KM) could along with all his pals team up and BUY an FBO of their own; OK,OK, so you’ll have to refinance your homebuilt – seems to me like a logical solution – purchase your fuel at wholesale and sell it for even LESS – and just think of it how “popular” you’ll become - and you’ll have a bonafide (writeoff) tax deduction – a WIN-WIN for all!  

    Oh, but now WHO pays for the cookies………… don’t worry; the accountan,t who’s also an IRS employee, at the local DSAA (Disadvantaged Social Aviators Association) Chapter said that also is tax deductable  – food and entertainment expense – even with the pecan nuts and chocolate chips!

  2. Kent Misegades says

    A great idea!  Finally an FBO that understands that high fuel prices are what determines most how much recreational pilots fly.

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